Philodendron Pink Princess Growing Care eye-opening Details 2021

Philodendron Pink Princess Guide

If We Start With The Origin Of Beautiful Plant Philodendron Pink Princess, It is unknown that no one knows where the origin place of this plant is. Still, according to my analysis, it is native to Country Colombia But many researchers also write that its native country is Florida in the year 1970.

philodendron pink princess plant

When we talk about the plant’s physical appearance, the leaf’s color is dark burgundy leaves and a light pink patch that makes this plant look exquisite and expensive. Its stripes leaves have attractive shades of hot pink, burgundy, lavender, dark purple, green, and cream.

Philodendron Pink Princess Is One of the most common house-plant that is easy to grow in the house the reason I am saying this is that it can easily tolerate the less light condition of the house. If we care about this plant, it can survive for many years.

The growing nature of this plant is semi-climbing. If the environmental condition outside is warm enough for this it can quickly grow outside as well, because of the semi-climbing nature we grew it in the hanging basket that looks outstanding.

Philodendron Pink Princess Is a plant of the status symbol because of its high cost.

The reason behind the high cost of this plant is the propagation method of the plant it can’t propagate through seed, roots, we can only grow it in a well-equipped laboratory through the technique of tissue culture, or some challenging propagation technique.

Because of the high demand in the market and less production, growers increase the price of the plant price also depends on the size.

Philodendron Pink Princess Guide

Philodendron Pink Princess Care

Light Requirement Of The Plant 

Care Of Pink Princess is effortless caring the cost of the plant is also significantly less.

The plant requires bright light, Direct sunlight is unnecessary for the plant to prove indirect bright light through the window.

If the source of bright light in the house is more minor, you can use artificial LED lighting for the plant to give a sufficient amount of bright light.

Water Requirement Of The Plant 

The water requirement of the plant is significantly less. Check moisture Present in the soil before providing the water. Watering once a week is more than enough for the plant.

The plant’s growth speed is perfect at the time of one to two weeks one or two leaves emerge.

The plant doesn’t require too much humid environment humidity in our room is more than enough for the plant no need for any humidifier at room temperature.

Temperature Requirement Of The Plant.

The plant’s temperature Requirement is not too high and not too much low it requires medium temperature.

The plant’s vegetative growth is good if the temperature range is between 14 to 35 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in the daytime should not over 19 to 27-degree celsius.

Temperature Requirement in the nighttime should not be over 15 degrees celsius.

Poting Mixture Of the Plant.

A good potting mixture for the plant philodendron pink princess should have the following quality potting mix is very important for the growth and development of the plant.

  • Nutrient Percentage Should be high
  • Aeration should be good
  • Less Moisture Holding
  • Structure of soil

 Nutrient Percentage Should be high

Good potting soil should be nutrient-rich, organic content in the soil should be high, we use peat moss to prepare good high nutrient content pit mixture.

Pit moss is one of the significant parts of pot mixing, it is the most used in pot mixing reason behind it is very good for the growth and development of the plant pit moss makes the soil well-drained it is very lightweight and easy to compress.


Soil should be loose and light Because in compact soil proper process of aeration doesn’t take place and if the oxygen will not reach the plant’s root zone, it will slow down the growth and development of the plant.

Moisture Holding

As we have previously discussed, the water requirement of philodendron pink princess is significantly less, so we should make the pot mixing keep this thing in mind, pot mixing should not hold water, it should be well-drained.

Structure of soil

The structure of the soil should be good and we have mentioned three essential points that are Moisture Holding, Aeration, Nutrient Percentage we should maintain these things

The main important thing in the soil’s structure is the proper percentage of sand, silt, and clay if we will not maintain it then it will cause a lot of problems like water logging conditions problem in Aeration.

 Philodendron Pink Princess Fertilizer Requirement:

The organic fertilizer can quickly complete the fertilizer requirement of the plant at the base of the pot you can use FYM (farmyard manure) it will provide nutrients slowly to the roots of the plant.

For the requirement of micro-nutrients, you can use liquid foliar fertilizer to complete the need for some vital micro-nutrient like calcium & magnesium.

Don’t use cheap quality fertilizer roots of the plant is susceptible and cheap quality fertilizer will kill the plant roots.

Philodendron Pink Princess Pest

Rodents and pest effect on the plant is significantly less so no need to take tens about it check the plant once in the week and if you get any termite and ants in the remove it with manual method hand picking.

Water lodging conditions can generate the insect in the pot so avoid waterlogged conditions and over-watering.

Important Note

Philodendron Pink Princess is a toxic plant that humans & animals can not directly consume it will cause a problem in the digestive tract and most times, irritation in body parts.

According to the doctors, it can also damage the respiratory tract and cause difficulty in breathing, but it is a sporadic case.

If You have a small child at home, make them understand the plants, teach them how to care for this beautiful plant.

About philodendron pink princess seeds: 

As we have discussed above that the plant philodendron pink princess cannot be grown through seeds, stems, roots we can only increase it through the method of tissue culture & it is not possible at home so they do the process of tissue culture at well-equipped labs, some technique of propagation is also helpful for the growing new baby plant of philodendron pink princess.

Methods Of Propagation in philodendron pink princess

The first standard method of propagation is the tissue culture which is commonly used and through that, they sold it in the nursery.

The second standard method of propagation is WATER PROPAGATION,

The third common method of propagation is by BARE STEM CUTTINGS

In Next Post We Will will briefly explain all unique propagation methods this will be helpful for all different gardening plants.


As we have discussed the all-important point of the philodendron pink princess plant, in conclusion, we will conclude the all-important point.

  • It is a susceptible plant.
  • Maintenance of the plant is deficient.
  • The water requirement of the plant is significantly less.
  • We can quickly grow it in a house with bright sunlight or also in artificial LED light.
  • Poting Mixture Of the Plant should be good, on pot mixture proper vegetative growth depends.
  • Use excellent quality organic fertilizer, cheap fertilizer can destroy the sensitive root of the plant.

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